My Equipment

Ford Ranger

My towing vehicle is a Ford Ranger Wildtrack. This was specifically purchased from new for the job of towing. Features of this vehicle include:

Ford Ranger

  • 4-Wheel Drive

  • Lane Assist

  • Traffic Sign Recognition

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Anti-Sway Trailer Control for Towing

  • Emergency Brake Assist

  • 3500kg Towing Capacity

With a 3.2-litre, 200BHP engine and 350lb/ft of torque, this vehicle is perfect for the task.

Covered Trailer

With complete protection from the elements, discretion, and security in mind, the RT6 is the number one transport choice for wide race and supercars. Offering a load limit of 2190kg, the internal dimensions are as follows: Width: 2350mm | Height: 1890mm | Length: 5500mm.

Features include:


  • Tri-Axle Running Gear

  • 10 Inch Wheels

  • Low Profile Tyres for a Low Centre of Gravity

  • Ultra Low Loading Angles

  • Hydraulic-Assisted Tilting Bed

  • Additional Race Ramps

  • Internal and External LED Lighting System

  • Rear View Camera

  • Fully Remote Adjustable Winch

Open Trailer

For larger and heavier vehicles not suited to the RT6, I operate the Brian James T6. With load bed dimensions of 5500mm x 2280mm and a max load of 2600kg, she can move the majority of vehicles with ease.

Equipped with tri-axle running gear and a hydraulically-assisted tilt bed, a low loading angle can be achieved. A winch is also fitted to facilitate loading where necessary. The T6 is a very stable platform for moving all types of vehicle.

Goods Trailer

The third and last trailer in my fleet is a 2003 Indespension. This is a twin-axle flatbed utilised for the transfer of accessories, parts, engines, gearboxes, and other items as and when required. This has a maximum load of 2820kg.